Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day #10- Makeup

I went through my makeup and got rid of everything I could live without. Its amazing the things that were ever in "style." Sparkly pink eye shadow, purply lip gloss... I am happy to be rid of you! The funny thing about this is that I "cleaned" this area out about a month ago and only got rid of a few things. This time I had the mindset that if I did not foresee myself using it in the next two months, I was going to pitch it. In order to set a goal of how much to throw away, I set a small wooden drawer next to me and decided to fill it. Well what do you know, I started having so much fun and filled it up so fast that I grabbed another drawer and kept going. Not the most exciting picture in the world but I wanted to share my uncluttering success.

In the picture above, the drawer on the left is what I am keeping and the other two drawers I have already disposed of. Here is a picture of my newly organized vanity. Next step-- refinishing it and hanging the mirror!

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