Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day #2 Make a realistic to do list

When I get overwhelmed, I often make a to-do list. Not just any to-do list but I write down everything that I could possibly think of that needs to get done at some point in the next month.

Here is an example of a list for one day:

1) Make 6 batches of cookies
2) Edit 300 photos
3) Returns items to 5 different stores
4) Finish my scrapbooking projects
5) Clean the entire house
6) Do 4 loads of laundry
7) Iron an entire stack of clothes
and the list goes on and on

No wonder it feels like I never accomplish anything. Instead of continuing to make huge lists, I plan to now make realistic lists with between 5-10 small tasks.
Here is a revised list:

1) Buy ingredients to make cookies
2) Edit photos for 30 minutes
3) Return sweater to TJ Maxx
4) Finish one page in scrapbooking project
5) Clean the bathroom
6) Do one load of laundry
7) Iron clothes for 20 minutes

All of a sudden I feel much more motivated to accomplish these things, knowing that I can cross something off of my list. I may not get to every item on my list today but at least then I will start with those things when I made tomorrows list. I had a friend in college who was so scheduled that she would actually write down "Take Shower" and "Eat Lunch." Of course we gave her a ridiculously hard time for this but it worked for her.

Here is my list for today. Since it is a work day, I have written only things I plan to accomplish after work.

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